Wilkes-Barre operating position

This is the operating position in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Since a city apartment is not very conducive to operating big transmitters, nor, for that matter, putting up a decent antenna system, I use a telco line to run audio and remote control telemetry to the transmitters in New Jersey. The R-390 in the rack is my local receiver, although I can also operate a receiver at the New Jersey site, bringing the audio to Wilkes-Barre on a backhaul.

Wilkes-Barre console

The restored Gates Stereo 80 console. This console is approximately 30 years old.

Remote control terminal at Wilkes-Barre

Close-up of the remote control terminal. The dbx unit below it provides some safety limiting, preventing the audio from overdriving the telephone line. The bottom unit is the actual coupler. It provides some equalization and more limiting of the audio being sent to New Jersey. Equalization of the backhaul audio is also provided.

The studio in its new home near Shickshinny

The studio equipment in its new home. It was moved in the fall of 2005.

Equipment rack

Another view of the equipment rack.

RJ-66 blocks

All audio connections are brought out to RJ-66 blocks. These are located in a recycled medicine cabinet mounted on the left side of the equipment rack. Since I believe that a technician working on studio wiring should not have to be a contortionist, this cabinet is readily accessible and at eye level. Over the years, I have seen some absolutely horrible places where these blocks (or, even worse, barrier strips with screw terminals) were mounted in commercial stations.

Plain old HF station

My conventional amateur radio station for CW and SSB on the 80-10 meter bands and FM on 2 meters. The KWM-2 was upgraded to a KWM-2A in 1984 and includes heterodyne oscillator crystals for the WARC bands...my refuge from the contests that seem to monopolize the other HF bands in much of the fall and winter.