Old master control picture

The AM operating position as it looked two years ago. A remote control head for switching transmitters and monitoring RF line current has been added. The console is an LPB Signature II and the main receiver is an R-390. Not shown: Audio/control rack, containing a CBS Audimax, Orban Co-Operator (for 75 m sec pre-emphasis), Kahn Good-'N-Loud (for asymmetry), Kahn PowerSide exciter, Ashly compressor/limiter (symmetrical processing for the "QRP" rig, a Johnson Viking Valiant), Radio Systems DA, patch panels, and a Belar AMM-3 modulation monitor. The TR relay controller is also located in this rack. It was designed with a one second delay to prevent RF from arcing back into the receiver input upon unkeying the broadcast transmitters. The other receiver is a Drake R8B (not shown).

K2PG at work

"Yours Truly", on the air in late December, 2002.

K2PG sleeping

Those long "old buzzard" transmissions do have a certain effect!

K2PG flipping the bird

Here's to the sponsors of those slopbucket contests, which trash up the band!