RED HOT Real Estate Deals!

Your AAAR is proud to offer killer deals on the hottest properties in Eastern North America! Nestled in the rolling hills of Columbia County, Pennsylvania, these lots are just right for your new vacation or retirement home! Located in the upcoming town of Centralia, we offer them to you free and clear, without restrictive covenants that ban antennas.

PA Countryside

Opportunity awaits you!



As you can see, there are over 550 building lots available for immediate use. Just sign your contract, make your down payment, and you are ready to start building your dream house in the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside!



Business opportunities abound in Centralia, should you want to have a nice retirement income while enjoying ham radio in the country! This corner store can be had for a song.

Corner store

Dutch Colonial home



Some homes have already been built and await your occupancy. This charming Dutch Colonial would look great with your tower and tribander next to it!


Forget about high heating bills forever! Despite the reputation of the typical Pennsylvania winter, Centralia features state of the art underground heating. And it does not depend upon foreign oil! This heating system burns native, all-American, Pennsylvania anthracite.

Clean, efficient coal heat

Bus stop




Just a quaint little bench at the bus stop in Centralia.

Centralia map



Centralia is easy to find. Just take PA Route 61 until you can't go any farther! Watch out for the detours, or you might miss the town entirely! Each black dot on the map represents a building lot.

Don't miss out on the deal of a lifetime! Contact Glenn at the AAAR for more information.

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