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Our Mission:

To provide training for emergency communications at our school in Athol, Massachusetts, the Butt Crack of the Bay State. To provide an outreach to other countries.

Calisthenics are an important part
of our program here at AAAR and
HARN. We get up at 0300 local
for exercise, our Two Minute Hate,
and to pledge allegiance to AAAR
Founder and President For Life
Glenn Backstabber, K1SOB.

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The DX Century Club award (DXCC) has long been a favorite for America's radio amateurs. Offered by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL, not to be confused with our own AAAR), it requires confirmed contacts with 100 recognized DX countries. The League's DX Advisory Committee (DXAC) determines which countries and political entities should count toward DXCC credit. While the DXAC and ARRL debate whether to add or even delete countries from DXCC, our international HARN teams actually work to create new DXCC countries.

Several years ago, our team went to the island of Bougainville in the South Pacific to assist in the fight for Bougainvillean independence from Papua New Guinea. We supplied the Bougainville Liberation Army with official "numbers station" encoder pads and decoder rings. Glenn dug these out of the Dumpster at NBC Headquarters in New York City back in 1988, when the Peacock Network decided to unload its radio operations. Unfortunately, the decoder rings were from the "Little Orphan Annie" program and the Bougainvillean soldiers were wondering, "What is Ovaltine and why should we remember to drink it?"

HARN worked hard to avert war in Iraq. After all, Glenn still does not have YI1BGD confirmed on 15 meters!

Although HARN is principally a Western Hemisphere organization, we do have a chapter in Germany, which handles our European operations. A German men's glee club, the Männerchor, became interested in amateur radio and decided to join us. Their chapter is called the Deutscher Männerharn and its members check into our daily nets, including the P&M net famous in the northeastern United States.

Nets and Alerts:

Like the United States Department of Homeland Security, HARN operates on color-coded alert levels. The highest level is red and it requires full, 24-hour activation of all HARN nets. Currently, we are on a maroon alert, meaning that we run our nets when the spirit moves us. Alert levels include green, chartreuse, fuchsia, taupe, maroon, yellow, peach, and red.


Nets meet 5 kHz above the K1SOB bulletin frequencies. Details on these nets are contained in the daily K1SOB bulletins.