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Government persecutes AAAR Founder and President-for-Life Glenn Backstabber and his AAAR flagship station K1SOB!

ATHOL, MASS.--On June 7, 2005, the Federal Communications Commission served AAAR President Glenn Backstabber, K1SOB, with a Notice of Apparent Liability for a fine amounting to $21,000. Because sales of our Pennsylvania real estate have been slacking off lately and because few of you have shown much interest in franchises in Backstabber Associates, our soon-to-be-unveiled employment agency venture, we may have to sell a couple of the K1SOB transmitters or even Glenn's Mercedes.

This was apparently a vindictive act of jealousy on the part of certain AM operators and that other bulletin station near Hartford, Connecticut, many of whom use flimsy Japanese equipment or puny little Valiant or Ranger transmitters. One of the K1SOB bulletin transmitters is a vintage Desktop Kilowatt, made 45 years ago by the E.F. Johnson Company of Waseca, Minnesota. This is a massive transmitter. Those other guys were simply jealous because Glenn has a bigger Johnson than they have.

Glenn was named Bud Light's Real Man of Genius for June, 2005Glenn will fight this in court, going all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary. The K1SOB bulletins are an essential service on the public's airwaves. The programming is educational and pertains to amateur radio; therefore, no violations of FCC Rules have occurred. The program cited in the FCC notice, "An Interview with Harry P. Ness", discussed how a Backstabber Associates franchise can put money in your pocket. This is money that you can use to buy that nice, shiny Yaesu FT-1000, so, yes, this bulletin pertains to amateur radio. Another program in this series, "How to Screw the Tax People", discussed an AAAR publication that helps radio amateurs save money on their income taxes, allowing them to buy more radios. This helps disaster communications! Since neither Backstabber Associates nor the AAAR are turning a profit right now, they are nonprofit organizations. Therefore, no "pecuniary interest" is being served by the K1SOB bulletins and no violation of Section 97.113 of the FCC Rules occurs. Since these topics do pertain to helping amateur radio, they are likewise not to be considered as "broadcasting" and are therefore legal under Section 97.113.

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution prevents the government from muzzling free speech. Apparently, FCC Special Counsel Riley Hollingsworthless has never heard of this sacred document! Under the Constitution, Glenn has every right to pimp the airwaves and to be as rude and obnoxious as he wants! Hell, the First Amendment even allows one to be a bigger butthole than the ones in the Quality Control department at a Preparation H factory!

Glenn will fight this thing to the bitter end. However, to escape future government harassment, the K1SOB broadcasts will follow Howard Stern to satellite radio. Apparently, the FCC does believe that the First Amendment applies there! Click here for special deals on genuine Canadian gray market receivers for MX and Serous Satellite Radio!