Post Office Box 8869
Athol, Massachusetts 01331
Phone: (978) KL5-8869
Fax: (978) KL5-7388

 Just a cheesy animated GIF of a dippy secretary Welcome to the AAAR, your alternative to the ARRL, the AARP, and all those other organizations that begin with the letter "A". We offer a wide variety of goods and services, including information bulletins, credit cards, DXpedition info, and all other kinds of neat stuff. Like all of the other prestigious amateur radio organizations, the AAAR is located in the scenic heartland of New England, not far from Worcester, Massachusetts. The AAAR has its spacious headquarters in Athol, the Butt Crack of the Bay State.

SPECIAL BULLETIN! Government Persecutes AAAR President Glenn Backstabber and his AAAR Flagship Station, K1SOB!

Read the latest K1SOB editorial here.

BREAKING NEWS! FCC Reneges on License Renewal of the AAAR Flagship Station, K1SOB!

Read the latest news on this matter here.


MORE BREAKING NEWS! FCC Issues Forfeiture Order for $21,000 Against AAAR President Glenn Backstabber!

Read more here.

AAAR / HARN Information Bulletins

This guy must have head lice!The Amateurish Association of American Radio, in conjunction with its sister organization, the Hemisphere Amateur Radio Network, offers a wide variety of information bulletins about amateur radio and all the neat things AAAR President and Messiah of Amateur Radio Glenn Backstabber, K1SOB, is doing to preserve our hobby. In order to reach the widest possible audience, these bulletins are transmitted in high fidelity SSB and high fidelity AM in the busiest portions of the phone bands. For our current schedule, CLICK HERE. Bulletins will soon air on satellite radio as well. For great deals on genuine Canadian gray market MX and Serous Satellite Radio receivers, CLICK HERE!

Hemisphere Amateur Radio Network

That cotton picker's chokin' his chicken, 10-4?

The sister organization of the AAAR is the Hemisphere Amateur Radio Network, our emergency communications and international outreach arm. Further information may be had by clicking on the link above. Or just CLICK HERE.

AAAR Credit Cards

You may now apply for your very own AAAR Credit Card! We offer a special introductory rate of 4.9% APR. After thirty days, any unpaid balance goes to our very own special interest rate of 49.9%. All cards are issued through the Soprano Community Bank of Jersey City, New Jersey. You will not default on any unpaid balance. Our collection agents will see to that!

AAAR Real Estate Deals!

Your AAAR is proud to offer you great deals on real estate for your vacation or retirement home. We are currently offering some of the hottest properties in Pennsylvania! For more details, CLICK HERE.

Coming soon: Recently cleared land for your retirement villa near the famous Hanging Gardens of Babylon! Don't just work DX...be DX! Licensing details to be announced through the U.S. Department of Defense Central Command and the provisional government to be established in the area.


Our YI-land DX-pedition is winding down. We lost a few antennas in downtown Baghdad and are packing away all of our radios for the trip back home, as there is no electricity to run them and no gas for the generators. Watch for future DX-peditions to other exotic lands in the enchanting Middle East, including ancient Persia (EP) and Syria (YK). Tour historic Damascus, said to be the oldest city in the world! Coming soon: the Idi Amin Dada Memorial DX-pedition to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (HZ / 7Z) and Kampala, Uganda (5X).

 If you hurry, you can still get a place on the AAAR DX-pedition to exotic Liberia (EL). It may be possible to set up at the former Voice of America or ELWA sites near the capital city, Monrovia.

 Backstabber Associates Job Posting

If you plan to spend some time in sunny Florida, Backstabber Associates, the AAAR's own job placement service, has just the thing for you! Over the next few weeks, there is a pressing need for people to help harvest the citrus crop. Soak in that Florida sun while enjoying all the tree-fresh fruit you can eat! Lemon harvest begins in five days. Contact Glenn in Headquarters at (978) KL5-8869 if you're interested.

Glenn's Companion, Kotcha

Mean Feline

Just in case Riley Hollingsworthless, any other G-men, or anyone else who just wants to stir up trouble should show up at AAAR Headquarters, my special feline hybrid, Kotcha, is ready for you! Bred from the meanest alley cat stock in Dorchester, Kotcha is a special hybrid tomcat that produces extra-pungent urine! He will squirt it right on your legs, Riley. So, don't smart-ass with me, OK?

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